Smart Studio Data Display & Data Tracking FAQs

1. Can you accommodate all bike models?

The following bike models are compatible:

For power, RPM and heart rate data: Schwinn and Freemotion bikes (only models with a power console), and the Star Trac “Spinner Blade Ion.”

For RPM and heart rate data without power: The system is compatible with all commercial indoor bikes models. ANT+ heart rate straps are required for the heart rate system to work (Wahoo Fitness, Garmin, Motorola, etc).

2. How long does installation take?
For bikes with an ANT+ power console, the setup process, on average, takes two hours for a studio with 30 bikes. For indoor bike studios, on-site installation and instructor training is included. For studios using only heart rate data, the system will be shipped to the studio for self-installation. The system includes Smart Sensors. Performance IQ’s software will be remotely uploaded to the studio’s laptop.

3. What does the gym or studio need to provide?
It is the studio’s responsibility to purchase and install one or more flat panel TV(s) and HDMI cable(s) of sufficient length to allow the TV to plug into the laptop computer. The laptop computer will be located next to the instructor bike. (A 50-inch screen size minimum is recommended for a studio with 25 or more bikes.) One or more standard electrical plug outlets should be present at various locations around the studio to allow the Smart Sensors to stay charged. A small table may be required for the laptop computer. (Typically, the laptop is placed on the A/V control rack next to the instructor bike).

4. What is covered in the warranty?
All Smart Studio components are guaranteed for 12 months from installation.

5. What kind of heart rate straps do I need?
All ANT+ straps will work. Popular brands include Wahoo FitnessTimexGarmin and Motorola. There are more than 40 different brands.