The Aurora Franchise Solution

Whether you have two websites with multiple content contributors or an entire network of sites, you face the challenge of protecting your brand and managing consistent, high-quality content.

LiveEdit has your franchise solution.

Shared Content, Controlled Content

With the Aurora franchise solution by LiveEdit, you can launch any number of franchisee sites while maintaining precise brand standards. That’s because the Aurora franchise solution includes a parent site with an interactive directory and one or more franchisee templates that inherit your brand’s design standards.

As the franchisor, you can lock down any page or piece of content, ensuring that no changes are made to branded content. Content areas that aren’t locked down are free to be localized by your franchisors.

The Aurora franchise solution gives brands total control. With the power of the Aurora cloud-based content management system, brands can work centrally yet push global content to all franchisees. You can do it wherever you want. You can do it whenever you want.

Brand Protection With Multiple Contributors

With Aurora’s proprietary content-sharing function and our Users and Groups Tool, franchise brand managers can assign roles and permissions across the organization: sales, marketing, administration - whatever is the right fit for the organization. That means the right people can contribute, update and review content at the right time.


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