Market Insights

Create a consistent target market strategy that will bring more
customers through your door-and keep them there! 

Do you know who your clients are and how to effectively engage them? Does your marketing "voice" resonate with the consumers in your area? Today's small-to-medium-sized business owners don't have time or money to play a game of 'guess-and-check' with their advertising budget. Luckily, with an exciting new tool available exclusively from American Spirit Technology Group, they don't have to! Leveraging the power of an advanced consumer trending and segmented software, ASTG Market Insights will help you create a consistent branding strategy for bringing more customers through the door--and keeping them there!

Intelligently Focus Your Marketing Investment by:

  • Analyzing your client data
  • Identifying potential new channels
  • Anticipating customer behavior
  • Choosing your audience
  • Creating targeted acquisition, retention, and referral campaigns
  • Allocating your precious time and financial resources appropriately 

In an ever-evolving marketing landscape where the effectiveness of print, radio, and tv advertising continues to dwindle, increasing the profitability of your business now requires a solid digital targeting strategy. Stop spreading the word about your services to the unqualified masses at an exhausting pace and exorbitant rate! LiveEdit Market Insights is a secret weapon that will give you exclusive access to a profile of your potential client, base, helping you to focus your resources for the maximum return on your investment.

ASTG Market Insights introduces business owners to the habits, attitudes, and preferences of their most valued customers. Each market is different, and ensuring that your business is poised to compete requires knowing where your customers live, what they enjoy doing, and how to attract and continuously engage them.

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