Password Protected Pages

Password protected pages give you the ability to create a page on your website and only allow members or users to view the page if you give them access to it manually. 

  Common reasons for utilizing the password protected page option within your site:

  • Create pages that you don’t want everyday users to see unless they purchase a membership or a package. Once a membership is created, members can login and access the page(s). Examples of what these pages may contain include videos, articles, etc. 
  • Create pages only accessible to staff members. These password protected pages could include training for employees, internal marketing material, etc.

Special Instructions regarding setting up password protected pages.

  • You must manually add each user to each membership page.
  • A member cannot automatically be added based on a purchase

Custom Option:

Password protected pages that go beyond the scope of the basic integration require an additional fee beyond the initial website set up fee. This fee will be based on the complexity of the multi-level membership area or library you are trying to build.  

With this option, members are granted access by doing a query in MINDBODY which recognizes if your client has purchased the specific membership.

Please Note:

  • You must submit your plans in writing.  We need to know how each level of your membership area or library corresponds exactly in your MINDBODY Account.
  • We need to be granted a limited time access to your MINDBODY business mode so our development team can build the appropriate queries.