Benefits of LiveEdit Shared Content Feature


Shared Content within Aurora is one of our newest features and allows you to share specific content areas on your site with other Aurora sites (or sub-sites). The beauty of this feature is that the content that is shared is protected and can only be edited at the source where the content was originally created. Each content area within a LiveEdit site can have this feature applied to it which makes things very customizable. Let’s get into some of the specific uses!

  • Maintain consistent look and feel across multiple locations
  • Empowers the franchise to control branding and aesthetics
  • Easy-on solution for adding monthly or seasonal acquisition offers
  • Save time, updating banners and even sliders across all franchisee sites en masse with one click
There are many benefits to this type of content control! One of the more obvious ones, is the additional control it gives franchises that require strict adherence to brand consistency across their franchisee sites. By defining areas of content, logo elements, and sliders as global or shared areas, it keeps this content protected and consistent while still allowing it to remain fresh and new (by content changes issued from the corporate level). This type of sharing structure makes it extremely easy to run top level web campaigns through sliders, call-to-action offers, or weekly announcements. These updates are made once at the corporate level and the information dissemination happens automatically to all sub-sites.
Another useful aspect to our LE Shared Content can be found on a much smaller scale. Businesses that have 2 or 3 locations can set up content sharing areas in both directions (both sites would have content areas shared in similar fashion with one another). This gives each business the flexibility to run things in a way that works for them but also instantly shares those campaigns across all locations making a very cohesive feel while both contributing new content and offers that will stay in front of customers.