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Bionic Body

Kim is the founder of the Bionic Body brand and an authority on athletic training. She has been featured on the today show, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and many other national tv shows. Among her greatest accomplishments is being the trainer on the NBC show The Biggest Loser. Kim states her opinion about LiveEdit "I think they blow Wordpress's platform out of the water".

Bionic Body of Hermosa Beach, CA.

Rock 'N Ryde

Robin is the co-owner of Rock' n Ryde Cycle Studio located in Martinsville, NJ. She loves LiveEdit's platform and customer support. Her concerns and questions have been answered with positive results by the team at LiveEdit.

Rock 'N Ryde of Martinsville, NJ.

Cycling Center Dallas

Richard is the owner of Cycling Center Dallas which has a location in Richardson and White Rock Lake, Texas. He has experienced excellent customer service and support from LiveEdit. Listen as he brags about how his company has grown through his relationship with LiveEdit.

Cycling Center Dallas of Dallas, TX.

Burst Cycle

Stacie Shannon is co-owner of Burst Cycle located in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Her experience with with LiveEdit has been amazing! She has found that LiveEdit is extremely flexible and provides great insight and knowledge. Online scheduling is one of the best attributes for her cycling studio from LiveEdit.

Burst Cycle of Cedar Rapids, IA.