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Keep your current clients coming back and reach new customers you didn't know you had.  


Livedit is proud to introduce LiveInsights - our robust suite of marketing knowledge and advertising tools.  LiveInsights is a one-of-a-kind marketing suite giving you the power to easily keep current customers engaged while adding new prospects to your list.

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LiveInsights makes it simple to craft and launch a successful marketing campaign.

LiveInsights is a robust collection of marketing tools to help you realize your goals.  Using your website, social media and other channels, we give you the ability to market to people you know and people you don't to build your business and keep your customers coming back.



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How does LiveInsights work?


Collect Contacts

Gather the contacts you'd like to market to from your existing database or collect leads from your anonymous website visitors using IP tracking.  We have the unique ability to match results to a national database help reveal more information about your website visitors!


Engage Your Leads

Easily communicate with your leads using a variety of channels - website banner ads, email marketing, social media, even printed pieces in their mailbox!  The program is turnkey - just define your budget and we'll take care of the details for you.


Analyze Your Results

When your marketing campaign is complete, don't forget to analyze your results and start planning your next campaign!  Scale back or ramp up your marketing strategy to target specific groups of customers with a particular interest.

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Love Your Website (Platform)

We've built the LiveEdit Platform with you in mind.  Whether you choose one of our website templates or opt for a custom designed site, our easy drag-and-drop editing tools make managing your site a breeze.  We make it easy to keep your customers up-to-date with our integrated blog and email marketing.  You work hard and so should your website!


•  Do-It-Yourself Websites

• Do-It-For-Me Websites

• Custom Designed Options

• SEO Services & Consultations

• Design Services & Site Maintenance


Why Choose LiveEdit?


The Most Seamless
MINDBODY Integration Tools

Easily display interactive MINDBODY client services on your website: class lists, schedules, appointments, enrollments, and more!  Your customers can schedule and pay right from your website through our responsive and customizable interface. And Google will love your MINDBODY content - it's all indexable and trackable through Analytics!

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