You know people are visiting your website,

now let LiveInsights help you discover who they are. 

What is LiveInsights?

LiveInsights is a robust suite of marketing tools designed to give you powerful insights into your potential clients. 

We make it easy to send concise communication to those leads, bringing them to your door!

How does LiveInsights work?



Step 1


First you need contacts.

You can collect client data from your existing database, such as email lists or your MINDBODY account.


Running low on contacts? No problem! 

Take advantage of LiveLeads Forms or LiveLeads IP to collect new contacts.

Step 2


Next you've got to analyze your audience.

Step back and take a look at the people who you will be marketing to.  This will help you craft a message that aligns with their interests.


A Market Insights Report is an amazing way to gain unique perspectives into your potential clients!




Step 3


Now it's time to engage your leads!

Use a LiveInsights method to communicate with your potential clients.  Use one or as many advertising channels as you like as defined in the budget that you set - all offer an outstanding return on your investment!



Use LiveTouch to create a personalized one-to-one marketing message through email marketing, direct mail or website banner advertising.



LiveTouch Social

The LiveTouch Social program allows you to market directly to your leads through sponsored Facebook advertising.



LiveLeads Forms

Place a customized form on your website with LiveLeads Forms to gather information from your site visitors.  You can collect basic information like name, email and zip code, or ask to know more, the choice is yours!  Use the information collected with a LiveTouch program to market to those visitors or combine it with a Market Insight Report to get a more detailed look at your potential customer base.



LiveLeads IP

We'll place a tracking code on your site to monitor your website's visitors.  With the information IP that's tracked and collected, we're able to match your anonymous visitors to a household address, allowing you to turn them into a viable lead that you can market to using a LiveTouch program.

Due to legal restrictions on personal identifiable information, data gathered through LiveLeads IP cannot be provided for outside use.



Step 4


Analyze and track the success of your campaign.

Track your website's visitors and customers using point-of-sale records, key performance indicators or website visits collected by tracking data.  Measure your success and begin thinking about your next campaign and any improvements that you can make!



Ready to learn how LiveInsights can

bring you new customers?
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