Market Insights

Leveraging the power of an advanced consumer trending and segmentation software, LiveEdit Market Insights will help you create a consistent branding strategy for bringing more customers through the door--and keeping them there!

Tap into Big Marketing Data for Serious Business!

Today's business owners don't have time or money to play a game of 'guess-and-check' with their advertising budget. Luckily, with an exciting new tool available from American Spirit Technology Group, they don't have to! Leveraging the power of an advanced consumer trending and segmented software, Market Insights will help you create a consistent branding strategy for bringing more customers through the door--and keeping them there!

Intelligently focus your marketing investment by:

  • Analyzing your client data
  • Identifying potential new channels
  • Anticipating customer behavior
  • Choosing your audience
  • Creating targeted acquisition, retention, and referral campaigns
  • Allocating your precious time and financial resources appropriately

How Will This Information Change My LiveEdit Website?

When you purchase a LiveEdit package, you buy far more than just a website--you receive a complete digital marketing platform and access to an expert team of business-building professionals!


Plus, if your LiveEdit website is bundled with the data-rich LiveEdit Market Insights portfolio, your marketing is steered in the right direction from day one with zero guesswork.  We won’t just hand you a stack of paper riddled with graphs and statistics.  We will help you align your data with a successful marketing strategy, uncovering the untapped potential in target area.  As your project moves through each phase of production, you, along with each member of your team at LiveEdit, are armed with powerful details about your target audience that will sculpt everything from your design to your content to your outreach campaigns.


Market Insight Report from LiveEdit   An updated look to Market Insights is currently in development!  
  • Your Project Manager will read, interpret, and review your LiveEdit Market Insights portfolio with you.  In addition to the raw data on your report, you will leave this informative meeting with an understanding of your current market share and a glimpse at an available portion of the consumer landscape that you may not have considered.

  • Armed with a clear portrait of your market ecosystem, you will be able to craft acquisition, retention, and referral campaigns that are compelling to local consumers.

  • Your Designer will turn your LiveEdit Market Insights portfolio into actionable suggestions for the look, feel, and overall tone of your website.  This ensures that, once your design is complete, its aesthetic is pleasing to the unique palate of your chosen audience.  

  • If you utilize LiveEdit’s premium SEO Management services, the Search Engine Optimization team will use your Market Insights portfolio to optimize your content, your page markup, and your off-site citations to draw potential new clients out of their online hangouts and into your website.

  • If you utilize LiveEdit’s Premium Social Media services, the Social Media Management team will utilize your custom Market Insights portfolio to adapt the marketing ‘voice’ of your social media campaigns and posts.  Using real, actionable data to create the most engaging and influential content will give your social network a strong organic boost!

  • As your company grows, you will always have your tailor-made LiveEdit Market Insights portfolio available to make intelligent and calculated business decisions.  Predict the success of a new location based on the area’s demographic statistics.  Create new offerings based on the wants and needs of your community.  Have confidence in your expansion strategy, knowing that the research has been done for you!

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